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What We Do


Our solutions encompass the full service cycle, from strategy and consulting to enterprise Agile coaching and transformation, UX and UI design, and server-side platform development and implementation. We also specialize in DevOps coaching, native app development, machine learning and data science solutions, enterprise integration, payment system creation, and application management. If you need it, we have it.

What We Do

Our Services

We can assist you in enhancing your business by providing 10 essential solutions for the digital transformation of your company. Let us help you take your business to the next level!

Our Services

We can assist you in enhancing your business by providing 10 essential solutions for the digital transformation of your company. Let us help you take your business to the next level!

Our Expertises

Along the way, we’ve collected a few awards. We’re proud of them, but we’re even prouder of the incredible people who make Avenue Code such a special place.

Google Cloud
Hey Google…isn’t just for search anymore. While we as a company remain cloud-agnostic, Google Cloud Platform has quickly risen in popularity amongst enterprise companies alongside the frontrunners. With its global focus, top-notch security, and creative billing structure, GCP is primed to capture a growing market share.
Amazon Web Services
You can get just about anything from Amazon, right? Turns out that you can get cloud computing as well. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers reliable, scalable, and inexpensive solutions like Elastic Compute Cloud and S3. Don’t want to deal with a physical server farm? Need to throttle capacity quickly? We know how you feel, and this partner delivers the goods.
Microsoft Silver Partner
Why work with Microsoft 365 days a year? Microsoft has it all, and it’s all in one place. With its reliable development tools, powerful cloud structure, intelligent database, and superior support, Microsoft’s IDEs accelerate development, reflecting in organization-wide gains in productivity, scalability, reliability, and cost savings.
The term Enterprise Services Bus is so 2010. MuleSoft is the leading provider of integration software for connecting applications, data sources, and APIs in the cloud or on premise. MuleSoft also provides APIhub, a directory that doubles as a social network for developers to share updates and information. Did we mention that we love working with their Anypoint Platform?
You know them, you love them. Oracle has something for just about everyone, so given our e-commerce bent, it’s no surprise that we’ve focused our partnership knowledge base on Oracle Commerce Cloud. While we’ve built plenty of platforms from scratch, many of our clients prefer to customize a commercial product, and with OCC you don’t even need to worry about the infrastructure as you can rely on Oracle Cloud capabilities.
SAP Hybris
We’ve kept up with SAP ever since they acquired Hybris in 2013, cementing their intention to tackle B2C & B2B e-commerce with a best-of-breed solution. SAP Hybris remains top-rated by analysts for its PIM-based architecture, its elegant user interface, and its broad feature set that includes enterprise-class commerce functionality, order management, merchandising, and product content management.
We love to cook. Not that way, this way – Chef streamlines the task of configuring and maintaining a company’s servers and can integrate with most cloud-based platforms to automatically provision and configure new machines. We use their DSL to write beautiful “recipes” for applications and utilities.
More than just a pretty font, Adobe offers a host of creative, marketing, and document management solutions. Our partnership zeroes in on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) because we appreciate the intersection of commerce & content. AEM helps retailers to manage digital assets, maintain consistent authoring and workflow processes, and facilitate collaboration between business and technical users.

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Delivery Model

We’re ready to support you through a variety of customizable delivery solutions at any phase of your journey toward technological excellence.

Technology Consulting

We guide your goals using strategic consulting, digital/Agile transformation, roadmap planning, and high-tech solutions.

Collaborative Development

Our consultants are easily able to come alongside clients and third party vendors to co-create solutions.

Strategic Partnership

Based on our track record of trustworthy collaborative development, we’re prepared to become your preferred delivery partner.

End-to-End Solutions Delivery

We designate a team to take full ownership of any function area (e.g. mobile) or platform implementation (e.g. Adobe, AEM, SAP Hybris).

Our People

We’ve made a name for ourselves as the leading software consultant agency for end-to-end solutions through our highly performant innovations, and we’ve kept that name because we understand that it takes a cohesive team of culture-fitted talent to be the best and bring the best.

Client Services
We remain hands-on with you and your team throughout the duration of your projects with dedicated account managers ready to address your everyday needs.
Technology Delivery
Our diverse team is competent across a wide range of languages, platforms, and tools, saving you time and money on training new staff.
Project Management
We lead highly effective Agile delivery teams, giving you the confidence that your important milestones will be consistently met.
Talent Acquisition
Our ability to source, screen, and hire top technical talent in record time allows you to keep your focus on achieving your business objectives.

We live in an increasingly digital world, where consumer expectations for product and service delivery are higher than ever. Avenue Code positions itself as a key partner for delivering solutions to complex problems and bringing high value to its customers within this digital journey.

All this is only possible because of the robust Delivery structure we have — this includes our consultants, who are the key to ensuring that our products and services are delivered with efficiency and quality.

They are responsible for ensuring that our customers’ experience is the best possible, from the moment of first contact until the final solution is delivered.

Our commitment to excellence is what differentiates us in the marketplace and what we are known for. I thank all our Consultants for their constant dedication to ensuring our customers’ satisfaction and reinforcing Avenue Code’s level of excellence. “Together, we are building a successful technology company.”

Alex Carvalho

CEO - Brazil