Machine Learning and Data Science


Now more than ever, businesses are able to access a wealth of information on their customers’ habits and preferences. While detailed data provides unprecedented opportunities for businesses to satisfy clients and grow revenue, it’s impossible to analyze this data without well-configured machine learning algorithms.


We provide service consultation, product development, and team training. Our strategy consultants are first on the scene to help you recognize and define your data analysis and machine learning business opportunities. Next, our data scientists, software developers, and cloud engineers collaborate to produce customized, enterprise-level machine learning solutions for data mining and analysis that lead to actionable results. Although we customize solutions for individual businesses, sample solutions include optimizing transportation efficiency; demand-driven forecasting for retail and e-commerce; real-time pricing prediction; sentiment analysis for social media streams, call center records, product reviews, etc.; predictive analytics to enhance consumer experience; employee performance evaluation for HR; candidate evaluation for recruiting; text mining; image classification; image similarity-based recommendations or other hybrid recommender systems; energy-related forecasting; customer churn prediction; telecommunication use cases; bot-chat agents for Q&A; etc.


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