Quality First

Quality is so much more than testing

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Quality is in our DNA

Our experts implement quality standards to increase software efficiency and avoid wasting time and money. The quality first approach is the best method to reduce risks and uncertainties while increasing predictability and satisfaction. Prioritizing quality helps you meet client expectations and establish a solid business reputation. Even more importantly, it helps you stay competitive.



Customer satisfaction: software works as clients expect.


Security: reliability is build into the product.


Business reputation: reputable companies provide solid and robust software.


Saving time and money: fixing bugs and errors can be time-consuming and expensive.


Competitive advantage: prioritizing quality and performance helps you stay ahead of the game.

Technical Approach

When we talk about Quality First within the context of a digital evolution strategy, there are several levels of testing that must be considered.Avenue Code provides expertise with Continuous Integration, Agile Testing Quadrant, Automated Tests Scope, Unity and Service Testing, Test Driven Development, Automated Code Analysis, API Testing, Contract Testing, Acceptance Testing, Exploratory Testing, and Non-Functional Testing.

Our experienced QA consultants are ready to help your team implement best practices in all quality practice areas.

We also offer a trademarked Coach by Emergence program focused on quality where a role-specific, hands-on mentor works diligently within your team to seed quality best practices for a specific role until the relevant team members emerge as thought leaders.

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