Agile mindset

A successful Agile transformation provides the framework for teams to innovate

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Agile is in our DNA

We provide service consultation, Agile coaching, Agile product development, and team training. Agile is in our DNA, and our consultants are ready to help your company iterate solutions through collaboration among self-organizing and cross-functional teams with a focus on delivering value, collaboration, respect, ownership, continuous improvement, and adapting to change.



Improved customer involvement and satisfaction.


Better visibility and accurate project forecasting with transparent management.


Flexibility to adapt the strategy based on changing priorities and learnings.


Risk reduction through continuous, small deliveries.


Improved collaboration among teams


Support for innovation and digital evolution.


Faster time to market and early return on investment.


Superior product quality due to continuous improvement and testing with customer feedback.

Technical Approach

Agile transformation means adopting an Agile mindset throughout the entire organization to promote an environment of collaboration, self-organization, and flexibility to quickly adapt to changes. Avenue Code has more than 15 years of experience leading Agile transformations for companies at various stages, including companies that have no previous experience with Agile, companies with previously unsuccessful Agile implementations, and companies whose Agile implementations are in need of optimization.

Our consultants bring experience in every role of the Agile Lifecycle, from Product Management to DevOps. We support continuous delivery, team collaboration, MVP concepting, fast-cycle development, and continuous improvement.

We are adept at guiding end-to-end Agile development and can train your teams or provide hands-on coaches through our trademarked program, Coach by Emergence. The Coach by Emergence is a role-specific, hands-on mentor who works diligently within the team to seed Agile best practices for a specific role until the relevant team members emerge as thought leaders.

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