What We Do

Faced with omnipresent digital transformation, every industry is changing to remain competitive. We see this macro trend as enabling innovation and enhancing service, not as a scare tactic to force you into expensive services engagements. We appreciate that you know your business best, and can come to us when you need a boost to achieve your goals faster.

Our Process

It’s our primary goal to align our services with your internal processes to better ensure project success. We tailor our solutions to your needs through either a fixed bid milestone-based project or through finely tracked time & materials. It’s up to you.

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Collaborative Development

In this model, we pair our consultants directly with our client teams to increase velocity or decrease project risk. Through a joint effort, our clients are able to augment existing teams with additional subject matter expertise.

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Shared Project Ownership

We can distribute work elements, discrete deliverables, and functional areas based on a clear articulation of the business requirements. Through close collaboration, we are able to “divide and conquer” effectively.

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End-to-End Project Delivery

Once inception is complete, we take full ownership of the team and deliverables associated with a specific project. This model is particularly beneficial when dealing with limited in-house resources or seasonal projects.

Our Solutions

The offerings below reflect what we've learned over several years partnering with some of the biggest names in e-commerce. Thousands of SKU's? Millions of concurrent users? Legacy systems with complex integrations to entirely custom-built e-commerce platforms? Check, check, & check.

Web & Mobile Apps

Delivering a seamless user experience is crucial to keeping customers satisfied. Our consultants are experts in frontend UI/UX, API design, and native application development for iOS and Android devices.

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Infrastructure Automation

Managing the infrastructure necessary for powering highly available applications at scale in development and production is not for the faint of heart. We’re intimately familiar with the increasingly intersecting practice areas of development and operations, and can guide you through even the most complex tooling.

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Backend Systems

Being able to power global applications effectively at scale is table stakes for any organization. In our 20 years of working in e-commerce, we’ve seen it all, and have the ability to work across large codebases in a variety of language environments.

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Platform Implementations

A well-chosen, carefully implemented platform is the foundation of application development, content management, and 3rd party integrations.

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Agile & DevOps Coaching

At Avenue Code, we practice what we preach, and many of our consultants are certified Agile Coaches. We pride ourselves on our adaptive framework, where we align Agile methodologies to the inner workings of your organizational constructs in a truly meaningful way.

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Enterprise Integrations

Enterprise integration goes beyond increasing efficiency and streamlining processes. For the modern e-commerce company, it is mission critical to enable system interconnectivity so that information and resources are available when needed. We are accustomed to working in challenging environments to integrate data from legacy, modern, and cloud-based systems.

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Our People

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Project Management

Project & Program Management is a critical competency at Avenue Code. While the majority of our organization is comprised of technical staff, our PM’s are essential members & leaders of each iteration team, tasked with keeping team members focused, projects on track, and clients informed. Project Managers are typically certified Scrum Masters, often Agile Coaches, and always evaluated on communication skills along with delivery capabilities.

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Business Analysis

Requirements owners; product managers; proxies for our clients. Business analysis is both science & art for enterprise software development projects, and we understand that. What was the client’s original intent? What’s the optimal size of a particular user story? How prescriptive should the interaction be with a remote developer? Our Business Analysts appreciate the nuance in the answers.

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Software Development

The backbone of our services offering. Avenue Code developers are carefully screened in a multitude of ways including early stage coding tests, paired programming, whiteboard & design pattern exercises, and communication skills. We know that just because we build it, some may not necessarily come – so being able to articulate the Why & How is just as important as being able to deliver the What.

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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is a balance between functional testing and automation optimization. The discipline also the proverbial bookend to Business Analysis – did the coded result meet the test criteria defined within the user story? At Avenue Code, QA Engineers are not automatons, and as is the case with all our disciplines, we place a premium on communication skills, even when the project role is operating remotely from Brazil.

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Development Operations

Stable sites during peak period; robust continuous integration, release management, & production environment rollback procedures; extensive planning to avoid production issues and rapid triage in the event that those issues occur. These are all top of mind for Avenue Code Development Operations Engineers, who we see as risk mitigators when involved early, smoke jumpers when involved late, and specialized differentiators within a software development team.

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Product Management

Product Managers speak both business and tech: they’re the ones tasked with distilling the vision into business requirements and ultimately owning of the end product. Great Product Managers see their roles as complimentary to Business Analysts and QA testers, and as such are able to identify compromises where appropriate as well act as bridge between and advocate for both the business and the technical constituencies.

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