Collaboration, diversity, and continuous learning are essential to our Avenue Code culture. Knowing our internal and external initiatives will give you the certainty that your place is with us, whether that means working with us or partnering with us as your premier technology consultancy!

Extraordinary Women in Tech

Extraordinary Women in Tech is a peer-to-peer networking platform for female executives that cultivates an open exchange of innovative thinking, ground breaking technologies, and mentoring toward personal and professional development. What began as a movement to spotlight the insights of executive women in tech blossomed into a vibrant sisterhood that celebrates all women as one community.

Leaders inStudio

Lisbon, Dubai, Toronto… where will we go next? Travel with us as we release exclusive interviews made by and for C-level executives to share their knowledge of business, leadership, and technology trends with other IT leaders globally.

Avenue Code Alumni

At Avenue Code, we are guided by our values of innovation and collaboration. To spread our ideas and build a strong community, our Avenue Code Alumni Program reunites people who contributed to getting us to where we are today: a global company with a presence in more than 20 countries. If you’re an AC alum, we’d love to reconnect!

Avenue Code Passport

By traveling to a sister office in another country, Avenue Coders have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a new culture, strengthen relationships with international colleagues, and develop their professional skills with a specialized training program.

Avenue Code Social

Avenue Code Social is responsible for organizing new social impact strategies in our local communities around the world, with a special focus on children and teenagers. All internal and external initiatives of Avenue Code’s social arm – always in partnership with NGOs and volunteer work – aim to support institutions and offer people safe and healthy growth.


Crossroads continuously defines new strategies for exchanging knowledge and experience within the company, focusing on diversity and inclusion. This initiative also promotes job opportunities through a hiring process for minority groups and organizes a career plan of equity and inclusion for everyone. Its primary objective is to provide a safe, inclusive, and respectful environment.

Olympian Program

Olympian is a visa program that sponsors standout employees seeking to relocate to another country and explore a new culture. It’s an opportunity to improve your professional development and work from other locations where we have offices!