Diversity for all!

At Avenue Code, we believe in celebrating diversity and embracing the qualities that make each of us unique. Our movement is dedicated to upholding our values of Respect, Trust, and Diversity by providing equal support to all Avenue Coders across the globe.

Respect and plurality get together here!

How does everything start?


Zero Means Zero has been created as a policy against discrimination, violent communication, and harassment. This policy serves as an essential starting point for establishing a vision of compliance with diversity actions.


The first D&I group was created with a focus on the LGBTQIAPN+ community. Its aim is to promote an exchange of experiences from different perspectives and increase engagement with culture.


Avenue Code Social and Avenue Code Hope were our initial initiatives aimed at supporting children during their studies. Code Classes is a significant program offered by Avenue Code’s social branch in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.


Talent Acquisition Diversity was the first movement to bring diverse talents to Avenue Code. The Talent Acquisition team was responsible for tracking inclusive strategies in the technology market to deliver the best solutions for our clients.


D&I Committee: Responsible to increase the consciousness about inclusion and difference at the workplace.


We are committed to diversity and have implemented five affinity groups sponsored by directors within the company. These groups disseminate the message of inclusion, while we actively promote training and workshops for clients. Our talent acquisition team focuses on attracting diverse talent. Our commitment to diversity has earned us recognition as a leading company for workplace inclusivity.

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Our Pillars


We see the differences and we need to acknowledge them! If we don't recognize that we live in a world with diverse backgrounds, cultures, experiences, and perspectives, we won't be able to deliver the best solution for each reality.


When I can see differences, I can promote inclusion. Taking actions according to each reality to provide a safe and representative workplace is important for us. Inclusion encompasses practical things such as mentoring, training, career paths, benefits, and many more opportunities for everyone.


Your reality cannot be compared with that of a person from a different place than where you are from. Avenue Code promotes personalized career development to provide an effective tool that considers your individuality.


Seeing yourself in another person is a gratifying experience. Furthermore, feeling like a part of something bigger in the workplace is the true meaning of belonging. We work as a team, sharing achievements and striving to improve together.


Diversity Awareness Track

This initiative brings together Avenue Coders from around the world to discuss diversity and inclusion topics. Training is provided for all levels of seniority, and the effectiveness of inclusive environments is evident in performance reviews.

Affinity Groups

The goal is to promote and enhance active debate and create an open space for exchanging ideas. A space where you can recognize yourself in other people and build diverse things together!

Affirmative Policies and Opportunities

Having a safe workplace requires the presence of diverse talents and structured inclusion policies.

Diversity Census

Data management is crucial for tracking who is a part of the company and identifying areas for improvement to increase strategies across all departments. It also involves mentoring the success of initiatives.

Extraordinary Women in Tech

This initiative is for those who believe in and strive for gender equality. The platform consists of in-person events, webinars, training sessions, and a global conference. Its aim is to promote a safe space for women in technology to inspire and be inspired.

Diversity Sponsor

It’s important to have people who are able to represent Avenue Code and our practices. With that in mind, we have the leaders and directors (C-level) working together with Crossroads to strengthen our D&I strategy. Additionally, we have a diverse board that makes a total difference in the way Avenue Code presents itself around the world.



The impact of diversity is directly linked to my day-to-day life. I am actively involved in Avenue Code’s initiative called “Extraordinary Women in Tech.” Every week, I have the privilege of meeting new executives and industry leaders who share their stories, passions, challenges, and successes. Additionally, I am part of a global team and have the opportunity to work with different people, cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds every day.

Being in an environment that encourages me to embrace diversity more and recognize its importance in the world is a privilege, and I have learned a lot from it.

Account Manager and Coordinator at Extraordinary Women in Tech (EWiT)


The diversity in my work has a transformative and inspiring impact. As a black woman, I encounter many obstacles in the job market. However, my diverse presence challenges stereotypes and inspires other women and girls to believe in their potential. Furthermore, diversity brings different perspectives and experiences to the team, enriching decision-making and fostering innovation.

Business Development Representative


Nowadays, diversity plays a key role in my work, as the power of listening to opinions from diverse contexts and collaborating with my colleagues is truly enriching.

Frontend Engineer

Let's bring diversity to your organization! Our diversity services include


The first step is to determine the company’s diversity maturity level. To accomplish this, we offer structured talks that promote knowledge exchange and sharing of experiences from diverse backgrounds.

Diversity Data

The Diversity Census and Assessment track your company’s demography. This legal initiative and policy help us determine which diverse groups are already represented in the company, who is in the hiring process, and who we are not in contact with and why.

Talent Acquisition

We provide mentorship for the Talent Acquisition area to ensure an inclusive hiring process. Our team works together in behavior and technical interviews, and conducts intense research in the tech market.

We are committed to designing and delivering end-to-end solutions for your Diversity and Inclusion needs, as well as filling positions with our D&I pipeline.

Inclusive Policies

We are committed to promoting the wellness of our employees in all aspects, including physical and mental health, as well as inclusion. We have policies in place to ensure a safe workplace and maintain a zero-tolerance policy for disrespect.

Clients and Partnership

We support our clients by providing training, facilitating cultural changes, and conducting diversity assessments to promote a powerful solution. Our entire structure is dedicated to achieving one goal: to promote strong delivery through a human-to-human process.

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