Implementing Agile QA Culture and

Automation with Cypress

Count on us!


Client A did not have a strong culture for Quality Assurance in an Agile environment and was not implementing best practices. There was no quality culture spread across the development team. QAs used to write tests at the code level instead of designing tests that capture the full user journey. The tests were executed locally and on demand. There was no performance test or code quality measure.


To implement a strong Agile Quality Assurance culture, we coached the team to adopt all market best practices by demonstrating the real value of Agile testing. We created a separate repository for end-to-end tests with no dependency on the development environment and incorporated those automated tests as part of the CI/CD practice by having them run every time a new change was introduced.
We also added Sonar to measure test coverage for unit tests and code quality in general.
Finally, we established Cypress as a unified tool for team alignment and onboarding.


Fast Feedback Cycle

Running tests in a CI server generates faster feedback on the state of the software.

Test Stability

Having a single repository for end-to-end testing provides stability on test results and alignment on best practices.

Agile Culture

Implementing Agile Testing best practices enables the team to launch new features faster and with greater confidence.