Web & Mobile Apps

It’s no secret that software is eating the world, and for many enterprise organizations, this means transforming into a software company. As consumers prefer to interact with companies and brands through digital channels, it’s applications that become the primary point of engagement. Putting forth a meaningful user experience is what leads to a loyal customer base, and Avenue Code has the skills and experience to form highly effective development teams that continuously and consistently deliver top-notch applications.

Omni-channel Targets

The wide variety of devices and screens that consumers interact with means that businesses need to build and own more flavors of applications. The trick is providing a consistent yet personalized user experience targeted to the individual on a specific device. We have experience building web, mobile, and POS apps, and we know how to deliver them in a meaningful way that maximizes engagement for the channel.

Cloud Native Design

Cloud computing has changed the way we build and deploy applications with its simple and cost-effective provisioning and scaling capabilities. Building applications for the cloud means paying close attention to certain factors that enable streamlined operations in a cloud environment. With legacy applications, our team is capable of refactoring and decomposing monoliths into microservices. With new applications, we work closely with you to design the right architecture up front and then build it accordingly.

Production Grade

For enterprise organizations, there’s a significant difference between development and production environments. ‘Move fast and break things’ doesn’t necessarily work for companies that operate with an expected level of trust. This makes project and release planning a critical component of the software development process. Agile and DevOps are not just buzzwords to us, but rather a representation of the effective processes we’ve built and nurtured over the years across a wide range of projects.


Our team is skilled across a wide range of modern languages, tools, and best practices to craft highly engaging and efficient mobile applications.

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