Platform Implementations

As the world of software continues to evolve, so do the abstraction layers that further enable productivity and continuous innovation. Adopting a platform for application development is a key decision to make as it provides the core foundation upon which to build. A strong platform enables developers and operators to manage content and functionality through a prescriptive environment, integrate 3rd-party services with the click of a button, and audit all activities at the individual event level.

E-Commerce Platforms

The complexities of running a highly scalable e-commerce system have grown in recent years to meet the demands of the consumer. It’s not just a cart and a checkout anymore–now, business have to manage inventory, catalogs, orders, users, promotions, and more. We’ve worked with major e-commerce platform products and have built our own home-grown systems to tackle all business requirements. We know what it takes to operate in production, and we know how best to build applications that drive revenue.

Content Management Systems

Digital is quickly becoming the preferred channel for consumers to engage with brands. Business owners, marketing departments, and support all need to be able to work directly with customer-facing technology without having to learn the nuts and bolts. Content management systems enable companies to work in a meaningful way with the content and assets that are presented to the customer. We collaborate with you to set up easy-to-use enterprise CMS environments for your teams to better manage customer engagements that focus on improving the bottom line.

Cloud Native App Platforms

Modern applications are being designed and developed with the cloud in mind, taking full advantage of on-demand resources and elastic scalability. 12-factor apps and microservices provide myriad benefits over the traditional monolith, but they also introduce an entirely new set of considerations. Application platforms, or PaaS, provide an abstraction layer above the infrastructure meant to handle underlying operations, monitoring, security, and more. We can help you design your applications for these platforms so that your developers can focus on building out the features that matter most to customers.


Our team is skilled across a wide range of enterprise-level platforms for building production-grade e-commerce applications.

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