Enterprise Integration

Organizations need an efficient method to enable system interconnectivity in order to seamlessly provide information and resources at the right time to those who need it most. To better equip businesses for problem solving, data residing in numerous systems (e.g. legacy, modern, cloud, etc.) must be effectively integrated. Because each system possesses its own data format and protocols, the challenge rests in orchestration between systems. Avenue Code enables organizations to realize the value of these technologies while supporting the legacy B2B/EDI technologies upon which core supply chain, logistics, and business processes continue to rely.


Digital transformation is omnipresent in every e-commerce company. Businesses themselves are becoming interactive platforms for their clients and partners, creating new businesses in a new API economy. Avenue Code specializes in helping companies realize the full potential of their capabilities, thereby multiplying value creation both inside and outside of the enterprise. By bringing about strong matches among users and facilitating the creation and exchange of goods, services, and social currency, all participants are able to capture value.


A tremendous amount of business data and processes are tied up in legacy systems that do not align with emerging technologies. By packaging these assets with an accessible interface, organizations can share valuable information to new audiences. We can help you unlock the value of on-premise legacy data, connecting it seamlessly and securely with the cloud, multiple devices, and API-enabled assets.

SaaS Integration

When companies need to integrate their in-house applications and SaaS applications, old tools and ad hoc methods simply don't stand up to the challenges in orchestration, security, data transformation, and more. IT organizations integrating multiple SaaS solutions from multiple vendors - with multiple on-premise applications - face complex problems. Our solutions for SaaS make it possible to connect all data, applications, and endpoints in real-time without embarking on a costly, time-consuming integration project.


Out team has worked in the most challenging and heterogeneous environments when it comes to enterprise integration. Our expertise has helped companies add value to their businesses, reduce costs, and grow productivity while leveraging opportunities.

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