Backend Systems

Behind every great application is a backend system that does all the heavy lifting. Its components range from lightweight serverless functions to heavyweight supply chain systems and everything in between. All are essential to ensure a smooth user experience, secure transaction integrity, validated and distributed inventory, customer data integrity, etc. Any failure in the system could mean a loss of business or a loss of trust with the customer, which places a lot of pressure on the IT departments responsible for keeping everything up and running. At Avenue Code, we are intimately familiar with these responsibilities through our 20 years of experience, and our clients trust us to build, operate, and administer highly complex environments that span the entire sales cycle.

Systems Development

Every system has its own unique footprint, and with enterprise e-commerce, these footprints are often extremely complex and have a distributed mixture of legacy and new thinking behind them. Obtaining domain expertise within these systems means getting down into the nitty gritty to understand all the behaviors and quirks. We’ve worked across a number of large-scale, custom codebases with our clients over the years, and because we aim for long-term engagements, we’re fully qualified and trusted to be handed development responsibility.

Back Office Integrations

Merging the physical and digital worlds effectively entails communicating across a variety of different protocols. This often means that data needs to be translated into a common format, and then exposed as well documented, consumable APIs. We’ve seen all types of data and know how to use tooling to craft seamless integrations that allow cloud native applications to effectively communicate with legacy backends and vice-versa.

Data Analysis

Data is the key to understanding customer behaviors, but there’s more to it than simply collection – you have to know how to analyze it properly to turn it into actionable results. Because of this, the data science field has taken off in recent years, and everything from data mining to machine learning can help businesses understand their customers better. We work closely with our clients to determine their objectives first and foremost, and then we model the right collection, transformation, storage, and presentation solutions accordingly.


Our team is skilled across a wide range of modern languages, tools, and best practices to craft highly resilient and scalable backend systems.

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