Agile & DevOps Coaching

As practicing Agilists since day one, our team has been leading clients through Enterprise Agile transformations for years. We understand that early and continuous delivery is critical for the success of your business objectives, and our program managers, project managers, and Scrum masters are ready to coach you through the adoption or enhancement of your Agile practice. We see DevOps as a natural extension of Agile principles. Like Agile, DevOps can’t be purchased; instead, it requires a commitment to adopting streamlined practices that prioritize delivery. When you’re ready to marry an Agile development practice with a highly efficient release management process, we can guide you.

Agile Transformation

In the last decade, a rigorous Agile practice has become table stakes for any modern IT organization. The benefits of deploying deliverable stories early and often, monitoring a team’s velocity, and conducting frequent retrospectives are widely documented and practically undisputed. However, many enterprise organizations, particularly those with interdepartmental dependencies, can easily experience a regression into obsolete practices. Avenue Code offers not only an outside perspective but also years of expertise in implementing or rejuvenating your Agile practice.

Environments & Process Automation

For years, IT managers have contended with the accepted practice of employing up to half a dozen discrete environments between building, testing, staging, and deployment. Although there is historical precedent for this process, at least half of the bottlenecks in deploying new code - not to mention miscommunication between development and operations - can be chalked up to incohesive standards, tests, and checks between these environments. With the advent of containerization, however, the ability to automate and streamline release management has taken huge strides. Admittedly, navigating the automation process while ensuring disparate requirements are satisfied presents its own challenges. Our experienced DevOps engineers are ready to help.


Our experienced project managers, Scrum masters, and DevOps engineers are well-versed in introducing, implementing, and coaching Agile and DevOps best practices. Whether you’ve never adopted Agile or you simply need a trustworthy consultant to help you evaluate your DevOps practice, Avenue Code can help.

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