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We’re consultants, so we offer solutions. What makes Avenue Code different is the breadth of knowledge we’ve acquired over several years working closely with some of the biggest names in online retail. Thousands of SKU’s? Millions of concurrent users? Legacy systems with complex integrations to entirely custom-built eCommerce platforms? Check, check, & check. We appreciate the significance of peak seasons and are comfortable with late game changes because of the changing needs of the business. And if we can succeed with those project parameters, imagine what we can do for you.

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Avenue Code Collaborative Development

Collaborative Development

Collaborative Development at Avenue Code means joint staffing of development teams with our client counterparts. In this model, our clients with their own in-house IT organizations are able augment existing teams with either specific subject matter expertise or additional developers to increase team velocity or decrease project risk. We frequently pair directly with client developers in this model, and work is delivered exclusively on a time & materials basis.

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Shared Project Ownership

In the Shared Ownership model, Avenue Code works with clients to articulate/refine business requirements and then “divide and conquer” – specifically by owning work elements, discreet deliverables, or entire functional areas (like DevOps) to ensure project success. Shared ownership projects can be based on time & materials or milestone-based fee structures.

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End-to-End Project Delivery

In-house team too busy? Lacking critical knowledge to execute or simply don’t have an in-house IT team? No problem. End-to-End Project Delivery means precisely that: Avenue Code will staff every position within a project team and own all deliverables associated with the engagement. As we are completely responsible for the outcome, we’re able to deliver these projects on a time & materials, milestone based, or fixed bid basis.

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Avenue Code Mobile


We believe that native apps alone or responsive design by itself does not constitute a mobile strategy. Does gesture-based navigation fit within overall brand strategy and perhaps more importantly, how? Mobile development work must include operating system with bandwidth considerations and a clear understanding of the user base, browsing + buying habits, appetite/budget for ongoing maintenance, and clear articulation of where and how Mobile fits within an omnichannel strategy.

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Avenue Code Development Operations

Development Operations (DevOps)

Automated quality assurance. Continuous deployment. Rigorous release management protocols. Consistently reliable penetration & load testing. Because development operations exists at the intersection of software and hardware, it is often under-represented within a software development project – and yet getting it right is essential to the stability and business continuity of any transactional website. We care so deeply about the craft that we train others in the use of Chef, a best-of-breed solution for Development Operations.

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Avenue Code Agile

Agile Coaching

Unlike other firms, we can practice as well as preach. Many of our project managers are certified Agile Coaches and are accordingly capable of both facilitating organizational adoption of Agile as well as leading iteration teams to deliver quantifiable results. We also pride ourselves on adaption – like any methodology, Agile can be modified to fit a client’s organizational construct.

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