We care

What happens when you combine technical acumen with a passion for positive change? You get an innovative spirit that ignites transformation all around you.

A Socially Responsible Mindset

At Avenue Code, we don’t stop at offering successful solutions. We believe in educating our clients on using those solutions successfully. This same passion for empowering our clients has inspired us to empower our community. We’re excited to give back by doing what we do best—sharing our technical expertise in a way that’s both accessible and engaging.

The Opportunity

When you love what you do, you can’t wait to share it. That’s why we took action as soon as we discovered the situation of Escola Estadual Bueno Brandao, an elementary school right by our Belo Horizonte office in Brazil: a grant had given them a fully furnished computer lab—but they didn’t have the resources to hire instructors who could teach their students how to use it!

The Solution

Beginning in 2017, a group of our talented coders came together to volunteer full-time teaching services at E. E. Bueno Brandao. We worked hard to design curricula tailored to each students’ learning level, covering everything from basic computer orientation to graphic design to more advanced coding through K-Turtle.

The Results

Today, we design and teach all 4th and 5th grade computer classes at E.E. Bueno Brandao throughout the entire school year. We’re proud to have this opportunity to give our community’s next generation such a huge head start in a world where technological know-how is the key to future success. The best part is, they love using these skills as much as we do. Just look at these smiles!

What's Next?

Consulting is about much more than simply giving advice—it’s about loving what you do and being aware of why you do it. At Avenue Code, we exist for our community and our future. With this vision of committed service guiding us, we’re unstoppable, and we can’t wait to see where it takes us next.

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