Point of sales (POS) solution for global department store

The Opportunity:

This client’s global point-of-sales (POS) system was over seventeen years old, a handicap in their Asian expansion program where time to this new market was a critical consideration. Integration considerations with the legacy systems abounded, exacerbated by the geographically distributed nature of the team.

Specific organizational & technical challenges included:

1. Aging software with significant constraints

2. Multiple development teams across multiple geographies contributing to the same code base

3. Lack of organizational accountability

4. Aggressive project deadlines

The Solution:

Avenue Code worked with the client to leverage assets already in existence wherever possible to increase speed and reduce cost and complexity. To minimize the risk of teams overriding one another within the common code base, we coordinated story play (interplay and away stories) to increase productivity between teams as well as manage dependencies. Despite conflicting preferred development methodologies (Waterfall and Agile), we introduced transparency so that the teams’ collective productivity was significantly enhanced.

The Result:

• A viable POS solution that could be localized and implemented quickly and at lower cost

• Introduction of a new continuous integration environment

• 3 subsequent releases within 3 months for the full application suite

• Solution introduction into a brand new market in less than 8 months

• 30% faster delivery to market generated $6.5 million in revenue