Quality assurance for global housewares retailer

The Opportunity:

Automation testing had never been fully adopted by this client, which meant that quality assurance (QA) was a highly manual affair. Moreover, the QA team was comprised primarily of non-technical testers, resulting in long QA cycles with middling results.

Specific organizational & technical challenges included:

  1. Lack of automation testing and continuous integration
  2. Regression strategies were not well aligned with Agile release best practices
  3. Non-technical testers on the QA team
  4. Low confidence in the caliber of testing activities and their results from internal brand stakeholders

The Solution:

Avenue Code worked with this client to adopt automation testing within their IT organization. This engagement included the introduction of an automation toolkit – specifically, an open-source solution that supported web services testing, web application browser-based and web services testing, mobile automation, and a high degree of extensibility & customization. Avenue Code also delivered documentation for standards/best practices and trained the QA team in their use.

The Result:

  • Transformation from a manual QA team to a QE organization
  • Release cycle durations reduced by 50%
  • Week-long manual release regression testing cycles reduced to 4 hours of automation testing
  • Increased stakeholder confidence in the quality of code being introduced into production

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