Organizational parity at upscale department store

The Opportunity:

This client was actually two--sister companies within a larger organizational construct. One company had an established IT organization and financial incentives to promote e-commerce, while the other had neither. Results of software development initiatives weren’t shared, and both companies maintained independent infrastructures, increasing annual costs and decreasing the pace of positive change.

Specific organizational & technical challenges included:

  1. Lack of shared IT/e-commerce resources
  2. No common roadmap shared across both companies
  3. Inconsistent delivery capabilities

The Solution:

Avenue Code worked with this client to create a strategic infrastructure plan that covered both companies. Introduction of concurrent product and project managers ensured alignment of development initiatives, while adoption of a mutual Agile approach allowed business and technical stakeholders to collaborate more effectively and adapt to mutual business requirements as needed.

The Result:

  • Overall IT capital expenses decreased by $40 million per year
  • IT operating expenses were reduced by 60%
  • Project portfolio delivery increased by 300% across both companies

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