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Expedite digital transformation to enable new lines of business

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Client was formed by the 2021 merger of an Italian-American company and a French company to create the world’s 4th-largest automotive manufacturer.



Practice Area & Scenario


Digital Product Development for Mobile-Based Solution

Tech Stack

Android + Kotlin

IOS + Swift

Android Auto

Apple CarPlay



The client needed to find a new way to increase customer engagement, seeking a solutions partner to:

  • Facilitate product discovery;
  • Help ideate a creative and solution-based culture;
  • Create a native mobile-based solution to run on client car’s infotainment and on smartphones;
  • Plan and build a robust architecture based on microservices and cloud services;
  • Foster an atmosphere of continuous learning and growth within squads;
  • Define a roadmap to an evolving digital product;
  • and Offer technical support to create a payment infrastructure.


Making use of modern mobile techniques, Avenue Code planned and built the API infrastructure, integrating with third-party partners to allow cross-transactions, building a solution that allows users to pay for services from their cars, and helped to create a data-informed product strategy based on agile principles.

+ Digital Presence

Increased presence in the online payments market, providing a complete transactional solution for receiving online payments and connecting with business partners.

+ Architecture Reference

Super App Architecture: While developing a marketplace, we implemented a modular approach for the mobile app, using each market to define low coupled context boundaries, a UI component with transversal components, and an umbrella “app” module. For the backend, we implemented microservices architecture, together with back-for-front strategies to reduce latency.

+ Reuse

All UI components are based on Atomic Design methodology, and atoms are reused throughout all markets. For the backend, we defined common and market-specific libraries for microservices code reuse.

+ Monitoring and Governance

On this project, we made use of tools like Firebase Analytics and Crashlytics to monitor the usage and health of the applications.