AC Onboarder

AC Onboarder

AC Onboarder is designed for any manager orienting a new team member. Instead of tediously creating individual user accounts for every email, app, tool, resource, and program your new employee will use, you now have one, clean solution: AC Onboarder, a single app that uses APIs to integrate all systems into one platform.

What Makes AC Onboarder Unique?

Our consultants have combined their knowledge of cloud storage optimization with their expertise in microservices architecture to create a single app that supports several independent applications. These features have been designed in tandem with a blue-green deployment system to prevent down time, making your AC Onboarder orientation app as reliable as it is valuable.

The Technology

AC Onboarder is a cloud native application with components that are built as a collection of loosely coupled services. We’ve developed our own framework, Dragonfly, which quickly and easily bootstraps/creates microservices from scratch. To push the new functionalities of an app that is in production without downtime, we’ve used Spinnaker, a cloud agnostic that makes complex deployments easy. We then run applications using Kubernetes, an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. AC Onboarder is born from a unique combination of world-class tech tools and original frameworks developed in-house.

Are You On Board?

We can think of many uses for AC Onboarder, but we’d love to hear your ideas. Stay tuned on our upcoming AC Labs projects!

Join the Conversation

Innovation is a journey we’re always taking. We like where we’re going, but we’d like it better if you came along. We know that there’s a lot to learn along the way and that the best way to improve is to invite input, so join the conversation and tell us how you’d like to use the tools we’re inventing.