AC Insight

Inside AC Insight

AC Insight is a machine learning application that processes real-time data at scale to provide easy visibility into sentiment analysis. Users can dynamically input hashtags and ancillary parameters to create individual analysis campaigns and quickly access results.

What Differentiates AC Insight?

With 93% accuracy, AC Insight’s deep learning engine model makes reviewing and analyzing sentiment data around your products, services, or campaigns in real-time simple. Unlike other sentiment analyzers, which provide a black and white “positive/negative/neutral” spectrum of results, AC Insight allows you the flexibility to set your own parameters for what falls into each category and displays results accordingly.

The Technology

AC Insight was developed using a Microservices Architecture composed of several independent modules. These modules collect, process, aggregate, and provide data to the user. It is a campaign-oriented software with an API for user requests and workers to process each campaign. Independent, scalable services are used to process each one of the campaigns, while a provisioner orchestrates the workers according to the campaign settings. New collectors, processors, and aggregators can be developed and dynamically added to AC Insight, making it infinitely adaptable to various business needs across multiple verticals.

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