Cloud-scale development operations automation for global network infrastructure provider/mobile phone manufacturer

The Opportunity:

This client needed to transition the latest version of one of their premier applications to the cloud. They were initially performing all provisioning and deployment operations manually. Provisioning a new environment took an entire week, and deploying a new revision of this application to each environment took a full day. Accordingly, roll-out of patches and updates across the platform rarely occurred due to the level of effort involved.

Specific organizational & technical challenges included:

1. Limited documentation of procedures

2. No automation of routine operations

3. Lack of infrastructure auditing for compliance

The Solution:

Avenue Code applied DevOps best practices along with partner solution & associated subject matter expertise to the issue. Using Chef, Avenue Code developed cookbooks to automate environment provisioning and application deployment. We also trained the internal operations team on both the new solution and the processes required to maintain it.

The Result:

• New environments could be provisioned in a few hours

• Applications could be deployed in minutes

• All environments were continuously monitored, and profiles could be queried and reported for compliance at any time