Rik Itzkowitz

Senior Solution Architect

Coming to Avenue Code was a big deal for me, because I actually relocated my whole family from Dallas, TX to the Bay Area. And, before Avenue Code, I'd always worked for really big companies where I was one of hundreds of other architects. The first thing that struck me about Avenue Coders is that they listen. A lot of developers are big on ego - they come in with all the right trappings and they talk long and loud to prove what they know. But the truth is that when you start with a new client, or even a new project, you don't know what they're going to need! The expectation at Avenue Code is that we come in with humility. It becomes about the work and not about the ego - which makes it a much more pleasant and productive environment. I also liked that Avenue Code is the go-to resource not just for people and technologies, but actual practices. You can really be proud to work at a place like that.

Avenue Code is also different in that they value us as human beings. Every project eventually comes to an end, but because we are treated as contributors and members of the team outside of the immediate project, there's a much longer term relationship and trust with Avenue Code than with other services vendors I've worked with. That really comes through in that they encourage us to do training and grow in our careers, which benefits everyone in the equation. There's a culture here of talking and laughing together. I remember just a few weeks into my employment with Avenue Code, attending a company event and staying afterward to chat with a few of the guys from my project. Normally it takes me awhile to warm up to a new group of people, but in that moment I realized that this was not just a one off consulting engagement, that I was actually making a home for myself here.