Luiza Henry

Project Manager

I first joined Avenue Code nearly three years ago as an intern, working at a couple of different client sites sharpening my skills and learning the ropes. My first few months were definitely challenging, but I felt completely welcomed by the company and I knew I was being given the opportunity to stretch myself professionally.

After the internship, I really wanted to stay. Avenue Code had invested in me at a time when I was still very new to my career path as a project manager, and had given me the resources and mentorship to succeed. Joining the company through an internship had also given me some unique insights into what kind of person thrives at Avenue Code, and I knew it was a great fit for me. For instance, adaptability is critical. If you're the kind of person who needs to know exactly what the next five years will look like, then Avenue Code probably isn't for you. On the other hand, if you're willing to greet new challenges enthusiastically, respond well to feedback from your mentor and peers, and view everything as an opportunity to improve, then chances are you'll love it.

The high value placed on mentorship and relationships still blows me away. It's not unusual for my direct supervisor to stay late on her own time to help me prepare for a certification, coach me through a given situation, or work on a career development plan together. It's amazing to me that at any given company event, the founder of the company knows my name, is familiar with the project I'm working on, and goes out of his way to check in and let me know I'm appreciated. I also know from experience that if something isn't right, I can bring it up and my voice will be heard. Avenue Code isn't perfect - no company is - but it really is like a family.