Aaron Suedmeyer

Senior Scrum Master & Site Manager

I actually decided to work for Avenue Code not once, but twice. After a year working at Avenue Code, I took a long-planned trip around the world, during which time I did a lot of thinking about where I wanted to take my career when I returned. Ultimately, it was not even a question of whether I would come back to Avenue Code, because I had a defined mentor and strong advocate for my career. I knew that coming back would mean continued professional growth. That's my biggest argument for being a consultant at a company like Avenue Code - they want you to become better, and the company is personal enough that you are actively coached and mentored. Because of the number of clients and the variety of projects, Avenue Code can invest in developing its consultants without any fear of being outgrown by them.

What I love most about my job is that it's challenging in a way that requires me to grow. That's really important to me. I'm given challenges that are not small, that stretch my capacity to the limit until I have to ask for help. My direct supervisor, Elaine, refuses to let me undersell myself in anything, which results in a really unique kind of development. Being successful in my career in a way that allows me to be present in my work and in my life requires a big commitment, and Avenue Code asks that of me. The culture at Avenue Code dictates that you cannot be success driven for the sake of success - it's an outcome of who you are vs. your ultimate goal. And you can see this in all the consultants - we're successful because we're training, we love our jobs, and we're genuinely invested in the company.