Avenue Code

Thiago Garcia
Techinical Manager

I started with Avenue Code as the very first employee in Brazil over 6 years ago, because I wanted to continue to learn and grow in my career. When the opportunity arose, I left behind a stable job at a well established company in Brazil, which was a huge decision with a lot of unknowns! As it turned out, this was the best decision I’ve ever made. From the beginning, I’ve enjoyed great relationships with my colleagues at Avenue Code, and I’ve always loved our sense of ownership and team spirit. No matter what we’re working on, we win or lose as a team and support each other. If someone is struggling, we make sure they get the resources and help they need. In fact, our process for training and supporting new team members is so comprehensive that I often see contractors from other vendors at client sites come to Avenue Coders for help!

I’ve always felt encouraged to stretch myself on both a technical and personal level. Avenue Code has not only encouraged me to grow, they have actually invested in me with training, certifications, and ongoing industry-related education. More than that, they’ve given me all the support necessary to venture into conference speaking and article writing. I honestly would not feel this comfortable working anywhere else, and I think that’s down to the fact that we have so much collaboration as part of our culture. The company feels like it was made for me, because in a sense I got the chance to help make it what it is. I haven’t had that opportunity elsewhere. I also think that everything Avenue Code stands for – innovation, culture, quality, growth – is the best of Brazil and the States. This is a really unique company that I love being a part of!

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