Avenue Code

Shreya Hegde
Talent Acquisition

I strongly believe that you need to enjoy your work to do well at it. From the moment I walked in to Avenue Code for my interview, I felt that this job was something I would enjoy doing every day. When the TA team first contacted me, I was impressed by their responsive and thorough communication–this speaks volumes about a company, and the same care was shown in my interview, which was four and half hours long! Interestingly, though, it wasn’t at all tiring; instead, it gave me a chance to see a dynamic, radiant, open culture where everyone I encountered had a story to tell about why they like their work. Now that I’m a part of the team, I can see why–I actually look forward to walking in to work every day. Everyone is so bright and cheerful, and the team spirit keeps me motivated through challenges. The culture here is fun-loving, challenging, and innovative. You’re always given a nudge to think outside the box, to be creative, to venture out and pursue your ideas, because to be an Avenue Coder is to be the change element: you aren’t expected to just follow a process; you’re encouraged to generate new ideas and pursue them collaboratively with your team. Overall, I’d say our work is fast-paced without being frenzied.

Avenue Code is one of the fastest growing technology firms, and to be a part of the culture we project is an awesome feeling. We’re uniquely situated, because we’re large enough to offer corporate benefits and small enough that every single employee is approachable and easy to talk to. What sets Avenue Code apart is that it fosters long-term relationships with its employees: everyone has a say, and everyone has an opportunity to grow, so the culture is all the best of a corporate company and a small start-up. As an added bonus, downtown SF is one of the best places to work!

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