Avenue Code

Milena Santos
Software Engineer

Despite the fact that I’d never heard about AC when I received my first call from the TA team inviting me to interview as a software engineer, I felt right away that there was something special about this opportunity, and when I visited the Sao Paulo office for the first time in November 2016, I knew why. As someone who came from a strict working environment with plenty of behavioral rules, every single detail of the AC office, from the decorated walls to the team members interacting, was totally diverse in a good way. At Avenue Code, I have the freedom and flexibility to be myself both in the office and onshore when working with clients. Being an Avenue Coder isn’t about following protocols and wearing masks; it’s about making a difference by being productive and delivering under pressure, but you’re never on your own–you always have support, and you can constantly learn and grow through several venues, including internal events that allow every team member to share their expertise.

Beyond this, I was also attracted to the culture of speaking English, the opportunity to work with interesting clients, the attractive office location, the unique traveling possibilities, great vibes even from my very first conversation with the hiring team, nice reviews everywhere, etc. Becoming an Avenue Coder hasn’t disappointed! The culture, the values, and the team spirit in each member exceeded my expectations. People here have a very high level of expertise in their area of study and are always there to help, no matter which team they’re assisting. There are also open doors for learning different stacks and reinforcing skills through internal projects. I can say that I have personally never found myself blocked in one work zone with no opportunities to grow and explore. AC rocks!

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