Avenue Code

Mark Carlson
Senior UI Developerr

After years of working as a software developer for a small company in a declining industry, I was excited to get a call from Avenue Code. They appeared to be a company which represented an open door into enterprise-level web development. That’s exactly what they turned out to be. They offered a competitive salary and worked with me to relocate my family to the Bay Area. Once on board, I discovered many ways they recognize and engage us as consultants with events, lunch and learns, funding for conference registrations, etc. It really has been a brilliant career move for me, as I am now employed by a stable and growing company! I was also impressed with Avenue Code’s matchmaking ability between consultants and clients, which speaks well of their dedication to providing team members who can seamlessly integrate with other consultants and in-house employees. They couldn’t have placed me in a better situation. I’ve been able to fit in really well with the client’s culture, and I have a fantastic team of coworkers!

One thing I love about working for Avenue Code is that I feel like a valued employee at two companies. Both Avenue Code and my client have done a lot to show me I’m valued. On my third day of work at AC, I got an instant message from someone I hadn’t even met yet thanking me for solving a problem they’d been struggling with for five months, in the code I’d committed the day before! It was extremely gratifying to know that my work was appreciated before the end of my first week! Avenue Code is also very transparent with the state of the business, which is reassuring and gives me the sense that I’m playing an important role in the company’s overall growth. The communication and the mutual trust are pretty remarkable.

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